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/ How A Psychologist Can Help

Usually you can work through problems yourself or with the support of family and friends. But sometimes you may need someone with special skills, training, and experience to help you—a professional you can count on. That’s when you may want to talk to a licensed clinical psychologist.

According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 22 percent of Americans ages 18 and older need help dealing with feelings and situations that seem beyond their control.

When Is It Time to Contact a Psychologist?

Psychologists see a variety of people for all sorts of reasons including marital and family problems, illness or injury, loss of a loved one, anxiety, loneliness, depression, psychological aspects of medical illnesses, addictions, behavioral problems, disturbances in eating and sleeping, sexual issues, difficulties at work, children’s educational problems, and caring for the elderly. Psychologists also assist during a crisis, natural disasters, and terrorism.

Whatever your problems are, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist is someone you can rely on. Together, in a confidential and supportive atmosphere, you and your psychologist will work to understand and resolve problems—problems that, until now, may have resisted your best efforts.

Why Turn to a Clinical Psychologist?

A Clinical Psychologist is a highly trained professional who can evaluate, classify, and treat emotional and behavioral problems.Psychologists receive a median of seven years of education and training beyond their undergraduate degree that includes a doctoral degree from a recognized university. A minimum of two years of supervised clinical experience must be completed in hospitals and other health care settings. Only after passing a state exam can a psychologist practice independently.

What Kind of Treatment Will Be Provided?

Your Clinical Psychologist will interview you about your history and talk with you to define problems and determine the treatment approach that suits you and your needs. Some psychologists may administer a series of psychological tests to assist in the evaluation.

A psychologist might recommend psychotherapy, which is a talking intervention that helps you learn more effective ways of dealing with problems. Your psychologist might also recommend meeting with your entire family or may suggest that you participate in a therapy group. Psychologists sometimes use specialized techniques such as biofeedback, behavioral modification, and stress management training. In some cases the psychologist may refer you to your medical physician for a physical assessment or medication evaluation. For some people, treatment involves only a short term of therapy; for others a longer time will be required to work on problems that have built up over years. The frequency of psychotherapy is typically once or twice a week. Treatment may be provided through outpatient care or in an inpatient setting.

How Helpful Is Psychological Treatment?

A survey performed by Consumer Reports in 1995 showed that almost everyone who sought psychological help experienced some relief that made them less troubled and made their lives more pleasant.

Psychological treatment is a very effective way to get help to deal with life’s problems. Psychologists continually conduct research on the effectiveness of treatment and that research is communicated to your therapist. Psychologists refrain from using treatments that are controversial or ineffective.

What to Ask Before or During Your First Appointment

Here are some questions you might ask:

• How many years have you been practicing?• Do you have experience with my particular problem?• How would you approach dealing with my particular problem?• What are your fees?• Do you accept my insurance coverage?

How Do I Pay for Psychological Treatment?

Private insurance sometimes covers part of the cost of mental health services. The best way to verify whether you are covered is to call the phone number on your insurance card and ask about your mental health benefits. Ask if there is a deductible or copayment, whether you need preauthorization, whether there is a limit to the number of sessions, and whether you need a referral from your physician. If you are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, contact these agencies for benefit descriptions.

If you do not have coverage, you will be responsible for paying for your treatment. Some therapists will accept a lowered fee in the case of financial hardship or they may offer a payment plan.

Psychologists Are Required to Protect Your Confidentiality

Psychologists are bound by strict rules of confidentiality. Talk to your psychologist about any limits to confidentiality. Some of your private health information may be released to obtain insurance reimbursement. With your consent, your psychologist may contact others involved in your care, such as physicians, hospitals, and previous therapists.

How Can I Find a Psychologist?

There are several ways to find a psychologist.

• Ask a friend or physician to recommend a psychologist.

• Call your health Insurance company. Many people today have insurance plans that direct them to psychologists who are reimbursed by their insurer.

• Contact your local hospital, mental health center, or place of worship, or look under “Psychologists” in the yellow pages of yourlocal telephone book.

• Call the Illinois Psychological Association at 312–372–7610 or visit the referral section of this website for a referral to a psychologist. All psychologists referred by the Illinois Psychological Association are licensed and insured.

Some of the previous content is adapted from Talk to Someone Who Can Help brochure, APA@1996.

Research shows psychotherapy is effective in treating depression, anxiety and behavioral health issues. It can help people make positive changes in their lives and relationships and develop skills to manage life's challenges and be healthy.

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As corporate romances go, IBM and Apple’s must rank among the most unexpected. […] This new union is profoundly important. It indicates and evidences change on a vast scale.

It’s interesting to note that the title of the new IBM Design Language page is ‘Living Language’, signalling an understanding that design is, by its nature, ever-evolving. It will be fascinating to see how IBM’s “shared vocabulary for design,” unfolds. The company has long understood the importance of design – witness its well-documented relationship with Paul Rand – let’s hope it’s rediscovered passion for design is, on this occasion, long-term.

I was fortunate to receive a copy of Letters of Note as a gift, this Christmas. It’s a beautifully designed book and filled with inspiration. (If you’re getting a copy – and you should – don’t buy the Kindle version, get the hardback, it’s a book to be held in the hand and savoured.)

One of the letters that caught my eye whilst reading it was written by Hunter S. Thompson, at the tender age of just twenty-two. A letter to a friend, in response to a request for advice on life, it offers some profound insights. The following, given recent experience , resonated with me, in particular:

Every man is the sum total of his reactions to experience. As your experiences differ and multiply, you become a different man, and hence your perspective changes. This goes on and on. Every reaction is a learning process; every significant experience alters your perspective.

In short: we are shaped by life, and life, in turn, is shaped by us.

Thompson’s letter is reproduced in full at Farnam Street , where Mr Parrish observes it offers, “some of the most thoughtful and profound advice,” he has ever come across.

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to actually finish this site off, once and for all. Well aware that I’ll never get around to this on top of my writing, speaking, teaching and other commitments, I’ve teamed up with Pete Coles , Creative Director at fffunction, to knock everything into shape.

I hope to have something uncovered soon. Until then, I’ll be writing – right here – in good old-fashioned HTML, sans CSS. On the bright side, this means everything’s responsive, right out of the box. Wonderful. (It’s just like the good old days, when everything was so much simpler).

I’ve missed having a home for my writing. I’ve really missed it. I’ve always taught my students that ‘A Good Writer is a Good Thinker’. Writing shapes your thinking. Writing is a process. A process through which new ideas are developed, challenged and tested. (I’ll be exploring this further in a talk I’ll be giving at NIKE AIR MAX 90 ULTRA 20 FLYKNIT CRIMSON RED WHITE MENS RUNNING 875943 600 5VcgfC
in March, 2015; and I can’t very well deliver that talk without practising what I preach, can I?)

When I called it a day at The Standardistas , I planned to establish a new site, here, but work unfortunately got the better of me. I hope to change that this year. I need to change that.


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